Purify the Air & Eliminate Odors inside your Ride

We usually use car fresheners to mask odors inside our cars, unfortunately, these “fragances” include many chemicals like formaldehyde, BHT and Acetaldehyde that are harmful to us.  According to the Environmental Working Group, fragrance is linked to allergies, asthma, other respiratory concerns, hormone disruptions and may also be linked to reproductive issues.

Our moshi carbon activated bamboo charcoal product is a better alternative car air freshener and purifier,  is completely fragrance and allergen free, and completely safe for asthma and allergy sufferers. Hang the moshi carbon bags inside your car and wait a day or two, you’d be surprised at how well it eliminates odors.

I had my doubts but this works really well in my car. It had a heavy cigarette smell but two moshi carbon bags cleaned it up in a few days.


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